Aqua Marines Land Raider

The main chapter color for the Aqua Marines is a deep turquoise (or aquamarine) blue, offset by a secondary chartreuse color. Special units (including terminators) are bedecked entirely in chartreuse. The chapter uses luminescent algae in mixing the paint for their armor; as a result the bright green highlights can be blindingly reactive in certain light conditions (high gamma worlds, night fighting missions after explosions and searchlight flashes).

Posted: 2 Dec 2002

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Casus Belli
my eyes hurt
19 Jul 2004 • Vote: 8
The lower right shot is an interior view of the engine block and power plant, looking in through the front entry doors. The Land Raider is an awesome model..a EXTREME pain in the ass to build and paint, but worth doing once. You have to paint the interior sextions before you build the beast.
17 Nov 2003
Wait, so, this glowy paint business is a good thing..? Anyways! It looks good, and your army must be eye-burstingly blue and green. That bottom right shot is of a panel on the inside of the tank, right? I'm fairly certain that's where that piece goes... Tank interiors can be so freakin' cool.
15 Nov 2003 • Vote: 9
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