Nurgle Cultist and Nurgling Sidekick

This Inquisitor-scale Nurgle Cultist was heavily converted from the Preacher Josef model. The hammer was turned into a scythe using a Tyranid claw; the torn-open tunic protruding belly are green stuff; the spilling entrails are wire; the treasure chest is from Mordheim; the Mark of Nurgle on his belt is a 40k standard top; the tentacle and maggots on his collar are scratch; the Nurgling's weapon was made from the Nightbringer's scythe. The face was shaved of all hair, covered with putty and remolded to resemble rotting flesh, the tongue is putty as well. The boils are grains of sand embedded in the putty. There are numerous other equipment and base conversions that are on the rear of the miniature.

Posted: 2 Jan 2003

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Hehe, nice one... The face is brilliant!
16 Dec 2003
Really disgusting customer. It reminds me of the old Toxic avenger cartoon. This one is surely the posterboy for Nurgle...
25 Jan 2003 • Vote: 9

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