Talisman Friar

The good old days! Remember this guy? I always loved the fact that he looked so friendly and peacful while hiding a mace behind his back! It's an old figure, I painted him in the early 90's and for some reason the glue on the base is starting to lift up in front of the mushroom. Any comments or suggestions re: this mini are greatly appreciated! Sorry about the poor quality photo...

Posted: 19 Jan 2003

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Gilvan Blight
Great fig... need a better shot with the mace. I have one of these around somewhere, painted back in the late 80s with paint markers (blech!)... would love to strip him and....
1 Apr 2004 • Vote: 7
Geez.. I really like this lil guy. He's got a ton of personality, and you've really brought that out well. Your fleshtones are great, and the robes are very well blended! The sash on his waist needs some cleaner highlighting. Try to fix up that poor mushroom with a drop of cyanoacrylic glue. Go over this guy with some matte clear coat to dull that gloss and Ill give at least a seven... :D Nice job!
26 Jan 2003 • Vote: 6

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