Valkyre, CMON contest entry.

I thought this figure could use a little something to add dramatic effect. The pattern for the wings is from the American Kestrel. I looked around but had nothing else to use for a shield so I used a tack. I hope CMON does this sort of thing again, it was fun! Any comments or suggestions re: this mini, are greatly appreciated!

Posted: 9 Feb 2003

6.4 /10 (240 Votes) 4.9k Views

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War Griffon
There is some nice work here but one of the main points I think you could have improved the score on would have been to lose the cloak before attaching the wings
2 Mar 2003 • Vote: 6
kannan fodder
I'm with vincegamer on the wings/cloak. Nice work on the shield tho!
12 Feb 2003 • Vote: 6
No Such Agency
(6.5) Nice wings. A tack for a shield - I'll remember that...
10 Feb 2003 • Vote: 7
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