Bobcat girl.

This is the weretigeress figure from Reaper. I liked the figure but she looked too slender to paint as a tigress so I chose the coloring and pattern of a North American Bobcat. The snow is made from Durham's water putty. A most versatile modelling compound. Any comments or suggestions re; this mini are greatly appreciated!

Posted: 1 Mar 2003

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Water Putty for base sculpting! what a great idea. Can't belive I'v never thought of it, I even sell the stuff! The bobcat markings are great, definatly not snow leopard. Very nice work, her eyes realy add to the movement of the pose.
4 Dec 2005 • Vote: 8
Gotta agree with the Boss_Hoss, color is much more snow leopard. Plus the long tail doesn't fit with bobcat. Quibbling over type of cat aside, very nice job!
4 Dec 2004
that's a very good monochromatic mini, i like it and the skintone is really good my only criticism is about her eyes: i think they may look even better in yellow (that's only my opinion, obviously) cheers Luca
18 Mar 2004 • Vote: 8
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