Graatswords Woman.

This is one of the first I-Kore figures I've ever painted. I just love the way they are sculpted. Much better than the starving, heroin addict models you get with some manufacturers. Any comments or suggestions re: this mini are greatly appreciated.

Posted: 8 Feb 2003

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Kamui K
Looks pretty darn good. Though it looks like you highlighted up to white a bit too much. But it's still a smooth transition. The sword's got interesting stuff going on there. And I like her tatoo. You might want to brighten up this pic though.
2 May 2003 • Vote: 8
Samurai Girl
I agree! Warrior girls need muscle tone.. I think she needs a tattoo on her nice round butt.
3 Apr 2003
Marc Spadalkine
only one word : WHAOOOOOO !
10 Mar 2003 • Vote: 9
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