dwarf w/hammer

I've had this mini for a long time. Picked it up in a discount barrel at a con some time back. I believe the manufacturer was Heartbreaker. I enjoyed painting this one. Rather a simple paint job, no real earth shattering techniques. Took about 4-5 hours to finish. I hope it meets with your approval. Comments are always welcome.

Posted: 14 Feb 2003

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I'll go for a 7, because despite this very bad pic, one can see the mini is very cool and nicely done. I like dwarves minis when they seem to have a long history of battle and are kinda dirty... I don't like the latest trend wich is to paint dwarves in MNM, and way to brigthly for my taste.
28 Jul 2005
Although I admire your courage, I think your score would be higher if your picture was smaller and you showed more angles of this very cool dwarf mini. Also the color is very washed out...maybe you could color correct it and fiddle with the brightness? I'm giving you a six mostly because I think that the way you highlighted his cheekbone and brow makes this above table top (at least the table top quality I see in my gaming group :) )
1 Aug 2003 • Vote: 6

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