Da Ladz

3 of my Nobz retinue. Didn't like the boxed set available, felt they were too small for what a nob would be...All the nobz in my retinue are converted. All have either ogre or ogryn bodies with ork nob heads. Painted mostly with subdued colors, muted greens and browns. Not a big fan of flashy colors on an ork. All are used in tournament play, WYSIWYG. Luckily, a ripper gun makes an excellent big shoota.

Posted: 15 Feb 2003

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The guy infront has good looking work on the bicep...nice sublte transition there. I am not a fan of dangly chains and feel the chain-guys axe should be a bit bigger. Overall these are pretty cool!
15 Aug 2003 • Vote: 7
Awesome conversions, the only thing i dont like is the axe(choppa), its just too small. Agree that the nobs are to small, ur are great
12 Aug 2003 • Vote: 7

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