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Well, here's my entry for the "contest". Now, before everyone goes berserk about basing, it's flocked, but I believe the contest was for painting the mini....ok, enough soapboxing....I tried for a very basic theme. No outlandish colors or conversions (I might try that with my other one). I do have a problem with human flesh tones, they either turn out too orange or too brown (kinda like a bad Coppertone commercial). I actually am pretty impressed by the way the hair turned out. I've got a few other shots that I'll post later. Soliciting comments on this, please....Hell, justify that 5 or 6 that you're about to lay down. Thanks....

Posted: 27 Feb 2003

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Squig Boss
Thanks for the comments....I appreciate any feedback from painters on the site. I realize that the picture is grainy and hard to make out too many details. Some day, soon, I'm getting a better digital camera and/or scanner....
12 Mar 2003
This mini looks great and realistic, almost like the picture of a real guy ! But it's also the problem ! It's hard to tell about the blendings because of the poor image quality...
11 Mar 2003
I'll give you a 7. There is alot of metal and I don't feel that the skin is all that bad. I personally like the hair but overall i didn't jump out of my seat over it.
8 Mar 2003 • Vote: 7
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