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I must admit, this was not my favorite mini ever to paint. It presented me with plenty of challenges: static pose, bizarre sword, silly druid-like sickle, alot of skin, and a dreadful expression. Since mythologically, she would usher the slain into the next world, I tried for a nether worldly approach in the skin tone. I used a light blue/grey undercoat, thin coats of pale flesh, a light wash of purple, and then a light translucent coat of pallid flesh. I also liked the hair, black undercoat, midnight blue base, enchanted/ice blue highlights (looks like the comic book coloring used to define black hair). I went more for gold/bronze metallic armor(?)/weapons. Now if I could only conquer that #@#$$!! expression....Comments please.

Posted: 27 Feb 2003

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Use more light when taking pictures, and you won't have to pump the brightness so high (there's no black in this picture. Even the black base is grey) If you do pump the brightness, pump up the contrast to so that black stays black.
20 Jul 2003 • Vote: 4
Squig Boss
Thanks for the comment...The sword actually doesn't look bronze in real life, it's got bronze, gold, and a bit of copper. The cloak was rushed, no real excuse, but the best I could think of. As to the background, well, I can only hope that with a bit more practice with our digital camera that they too will improve. Appreciate your comments.
28 Feb 2003 • Vote: 7
I like the choice of bronze metals, but I just can't get over the HUGENESS of that sword, and having it all one color metalic really weighs down the fig. The picture needs work as her legs appear to be the same color as the background. Cloak could definitely use more shading.
28 Feb 2003 • Vote: 6

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