The Gothic Terminator (Italian 2007 Demon Slayer)

Hi all!! I present you my latest fatigue that has unexpectedly won me the sword in Italy this year. here there is an article with some explanation about the work i doing for this hope this can be usefull for you. I look forward to your criticism and your comments and I hope I can be of help in your own works. comments are really wellcome. Thanks for your attention. i whant to thanks many people for this: Tomazsus: for the translation of the article. my favourite theacher and great friend. Docitalicus: for the web page. thank you my friend for all, no words can say... you know. Luca_Masetti: for all your help and your words when i work on it! without your feedback my miniatures can't be the same. Automaton: thank you Sebastian for your feedback, your word will stay in my mind for ever.. you are the top. Karaikal: (in italiano) Il tuo sms appena ho vinto la spada resterà salvato sul mio cellulare per sempre. thank you for your words. to all the Legio Pictorum and to all of you my friends: because i'm a better person since you are with me. at last to my dear Stefania, for love, for heart, and for my soul. this piece is dedicate to all of you.

Posted: 3 Nov 2007

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Words fail me.... the time and patients must have been phenomenal. Never seen a space marine that has impressed me so much!!!
27 Nov 2016 • Vote: 10
amazing, grazi
17 Feb 2016 • Vote: 10
The DA are one of my favorite chapters and I love the way you didn't just paint a green space marine! In fact the green is really on hinted at with all of the hues you used and yet he is still, undeniable a Dark Angel. You have a gift!
1 Nov 2014 • Vote: 10
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