Lathiem: "Under a glass moon.."

hi all, here there is my last work, doing for study some new tecnique about light, tone and the oil painting. this is 60% acrylic and 40% oil painted: here there are more pictures and also the article about the painting of this: italian: english: i have to thanks sebastian automaton archer for his feedbak (thank you mate!!!) and a special thanks to ghmork for his fantastic texture and editing work on my pictures, to give him a special background effect. all your comments are really apreciated. [edit] i think i have some problems with my website host, and for some reason Cmon resize this pictures in a very low quality :( ... hope i can resolve this problem, if not, i post another more detailed pictures soon. for now here's the true url of my pictures: thank you for yours comments!!

Posted: 22 Jan 2008

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A great work for a great artist! Your entire gallery is a precious collection to study in detail. Standing ovation...
7 Aug 2009 • Vote: 10
Impressive. Makes me feel like the character is deep underwater at night.
3 Feb 2008
virus a.d.i
che bella che è ! magari dipingere come te :-) poi con i colori ad olio e complicatissimo e difficilissimo!!!!
1 Feb 2008
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