Shae: Half Elven Archer

This is the third, and final, miniature in the initial Spyglass Miniatures range. This is Shae: Half Elven Archer as sculpted by... me :) This one will be new to most of you as I didn’t show the green here previously (mainly because I used some brownstuff for the body and it photographed badly). But here she is in her painted glory. Black undercoat and Citadel Paint mainly. I’m pretty happy with the hair colour. Basecoat of Graveyard Earth and highlighted to a mix of Commando Khaki mixed with Skull White. I'll be back soon with more new figures (must get sculpting) Steve B

Posted: 23 Jul 2003

8.8 /10 (211 Votes) 6.8k Views

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Nice clean paint job.
8 Apr 2004 • Vote: 10
Yup, it's another 10 :)
15 Sep 2003 • Vote: 10
Instant legend! Finally, somone understands what makes a great mini. Clean lines, blended layers, and facial detail. Not only is this a terrific miniature, the paint job is incredible and smooooothe. I am really looking forward to giving my painted interpretation. EXCELLENT!
7 Aug 2003
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