Si'Rene: Elven Warrior

This is my latest figure for Spyglass Miniatures, Si'Rene: Elven Warrior. I really enjoyed painting her up. I suspect a few may comment on the flatness of the metals. I did this as I really wanted a very pure quality to the armour. I think it is highly in-keeping with the feel of the figure. And (at the time of writing) she'll be available in the oline shop any day now :) Steve B

Posted: 7 Oct 2003

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Good! Simple, nice and sexy ;)
10 Aug 2007 • Vote: 9
Another fantastic sculpt! I really dig seeing a paintjob done by the sculptor; really helps give the idea of what the model's about. Plus, it's a d@mn good paintjob! :)
10 Feb 2004 • Vote: 9
Perfect paint job!
5 Jan 2004 • Vote: 10
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