Papa Noigul's Carnival 1 (Golden Demon Germany 2013 Bronze Diorama)

I always loved the Carnival of Chaos from the Game Mortheim. With the new additions to the plastic range for the Demons and the Warriors of Chaos, I thought that this would fit perfectly to a massively converted warband (especially the little Nurglings, which do a lot of acrobatic stuff). My plans of having one or two minis of the original metal warband in my diorama were destroyed soon: almost the whole Mortheim range went out of production. So I concentrated fully on converting scary demons into partly scary carneys. After some time of planning I realized that it would make little sense to let the warband wear weapons, because too many roles doesn't involve them: the hurdy-gurdist, the juggler, the strongman, the fire-eater, the magicians and the acrobat. Only the plague-bearer dressed as king carries a wooden sword. The whole diorama is inspired from little theatre-boxes for marionettes and dolls for kids of the 19th century to play with. So the outside box is “the real world” - the actual item to play with. The interior however has come to life, like a look into the little world of the Carnival of Chaos. The diorama took 3 to 4 months building and designing time. Which went a little over the top as I realized three weeks before the Games Day I should start painting. (And yes, I cleaned some Nurglings during the bus-ride to Cologne and I finished painting on the hotel room during the night before GD) :) The title “Papa Noigul's Carnival” is from an old issue of Town Cryer Magazine and was on a fictive poster done by the warband. Photographing this thing was brutal because it was very hard to light proper (until a friend borrowed me a light-box) and everything was so narrow build. I didn't want to get too redundant in having on every detail-picture the same figures over and over – so I had some time picking the right pictures. (I'm still a beginner in photography). Greetings to all the people I met on GD, it was a cool time! Comments are welcome ^^ Please visit my other uploads for more pictures of this diorama. I accept commissions. If you are interested in my works feel free to contact me: Regards Christoph

Posted: 23 Mar 2014

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Great work
24 Aug 2014 • Vote: 9
Stunning painting and idea!
6 Jul 2014 • Vote: 10
Thanks for the Feedback! :D
5 May 2014 • Vote: 10
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