Papa Noigul's Carnival 2 (Golden Demon Germany 2013 Bronze Diorama)

It was really fun to find objects that I could convert into a carnival-related scene. An Ogre-kingdom standard top made an fitting laughing face with slightly alteration of the teeth. How to create popcorn our soup-bubbles? How to create a ruff for the white clown? This was the most fun part of the whole building process. The soup-bubbles where hard to create at first, and I experimented with casting them with water effects. This doesn't looked good and I thought that it would be better to let the Nurgling have a flame also, when I eventually discovered little glass balls for decoration purposes in my local hobby store. So I was glad to find them :) I designed dozens of posters for the Carnival to have a good variety of looks that I could use. The light inside of the box was thrown in a week or so before Games Day, as I discovered that the interior is only visible in ideal light conditions and I didn't want to count on that to have on GD (I was right). So I painted the moon inside and put a spot on it – done. Greetings to all the people I met on GD, it was a cool time! Comments are welcome ^^ Please visit my other uploads for more pictures of this diorama. I accept commissions. If you are interested in my works feel free to contact me: Regards Christoph

Posted: 23 Mar 2014

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6 Jul 2014 • Vote: 10
I am shure we will get this done Florian :)
3 Apr 2014
Tuffskull MKII
Hups... I wanted to write Christopher...
30 Mar 2014 • Vote: 10
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