slannesh champion

i try to do better lights on the photos... i hope you enjoy..just a little. comment please.

Posted: 15 Apr 2004

7.3 /10 (107 Votes) 1.9k Views

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I like it very much even it's difficult to judge from these pics. The colours are nice and the execution neat and clear. Maybe the highlights/shades are too strong and not well blended, but the overall effect is great: 8,5!
23 Apr 2004 • Vote: 8
its a 9.48 five, because now i took a look to the standard ;)
23 Apr 2004 • Vote: 9
everything looks nearly perfect, but i dont like the horse`s tits. anyway its a 9.1, to get more, try more detail i say that only to give you more elan while doing your works, never be satisfied, so on happy painting
23 Apr 2004 • Vote: 9
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