khorne demon

same things... new camera, new photos... i hope you'll enjoy it more now. comment please, also for the photos... thank you

Posted: 26 Apr 2004

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doctor mack
It's a 8.5 actually. The only think I don't like are his horns. I'd painted a smaller area uisng brown, so that the bone colour would have stood out more.But maybe I'm wrong, since I've never painted bones. Anyway GREAT job! The blade looks awesome. PS:Sorry for my english but I come from Italy, CHEERS :)
8 May 2004 • Vote: 8
photo: good lightening, maybe a bit too bright i would like to see a bit more details. mini: i love this one the pose the face it rocks. paintjob: nice clean and the transitions are good too the base is done well too. the sword...BIG UP! i like this very much.
4 May 2004
The red flesh turned out nice (great face), the blacks instead seems highlighted a little too much. However the overall effect works pretty well.
28 Apr 2004

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