bretonnian foot paladin conversion

this is a demo mini: all is converted from a men at arms body, knights elm and sword, and pergamen sprue. for the painting i only try to do a new way to doing metals. for gold is a normal NMM quite simple and not too blend becaus is just a demo. for silver metal i try a strange NMM with metallic colors boltgun metal, chainmail, mitril silver, black ink for shadows and a little bit af skull white for layers... the blending is very simple (and rushed), and need some works i now, but is only for try a new tecnic. i'm very interested to know what do you think. you think i must improve this new way? or is better that i doing NMM or metallics colours normally? i hope my terrible english is undertanding!!! bye at all and thanks a lot for comments...

Posted: 26 Apr 2004

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Nice conversion, I love It!!
21 Jan 2015 • Vote: 9
well, its not nmm. whenever i do metallics i use many layers/colors to develop deapth. i love your conversion, ive been tinkering with the idea of making a footmounted knight. anyhow, looks good. next try semm. it can come out real nice if you use inks and dark metallics.
20 Sep 2004 • Vote: 7
I'm a damn "purist", usually i like pure nmm or pure metallic, but experimenting new techs is always fun and it can gives awesome result! Nice conversion too.
28 Apr 2004
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