alfiere dello stendardo2

yeah new camera and new photos!!! i hope you'll enjoy much more! comments please. bye!!

Posted: 26 Apr 2004

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a good work i like in particular the choose of colors and the "star/sky"motive,even if the lines are a bit too "thick" you should try to work to it. Anyway a good job
17 May 2004
just for fun..i have doing a plastic ring for my girlfriend whit the same blue pointed sky color! it's good i think! by all
4 May 2004 • Vote: 10
The blue pointed sky on the clothes is a nice idea, it gives to the knight a magical/regal aspect, maybe too "highelfish", but it works. The highlights seems too strong, try to blend it a little more and it'll look even better.
28 Apr 2004
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