bretonnian duke

This is my last work. There is only a little conversion on the horse for have more space to doing freehand. All is freehanding work. For this mini I have to tanks a lot of people: 1) Emanuele Giovagnoli (nebuchadnezzer) for his critics of the work in progress and for the important help for colours blending. ( I boring you whit a lot of e-mail) 2) Luca Masetti, the great master of diorama, who help me in all time whit tips and trix! 3) Matteo De Franceschi (Beltane) for his indispensable help whit all the things about freehand, colour, and also for the glue and the ardcoat! 4) to Sara (pirifool) for his beautiful photos of the model! And also and more to all Beltane studio because with you I have find a new and amazing friends. You are the best in the world!!!!! Sorry for my English, and please all people comments me! I want at all your opinion! See You!

Posted: 11 Jun 2004

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Tony Manero
veramente bello ma belo bello.... l'unica cosa è l'occhio del cavallo... i cavalli hanno le pupille piu larghe... occhioni lacrimosi... quello sembra che sta sotto anfetamine :D
13 Sep 2005
Beh, eccezionale!! Bellissima, incredibile, un'opera d'arte! Freehnad inpressionanate! Un 10 secco senza ripensamentei!! :-D
3 Sep 2005 • Vote: 10
Exquisite! Superb! Perfettamente! What else can I say? Can I lock you up in my basement to do my figs forever? (To chaos-lord: I found the lance tip strange at first too, until I realized it was a dragon's tooth or claw :))
24 Jan 2005
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