Master of Carnage

this is my last mini . I did this for my first commission work with the beltane painting studio! i'm onorated to be part of this incredible group of artists! for this mini i wanted a very realystic tone without much contrast and a with a very smooth blending. So i chose a simple color with no complex details, and I focused my work on the skin tone. I'm quite satisfated of the final look P.S. thank you master Matteo Beltane De Franceschi, without you great help and tips i could't do anyting. the metal look the black layering and also the base colour is so good because of your attention to me! thank you also to Luca Masetti, for the attention dedicated to my work in progress! what do you think? comments all please. (sorry for the english!!!!!!)

Posted: 3 Sep 2004

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Awesome, you inspire me! Commen ton mine if you got the time, as I have little to teach you, but I coud use some advice :)
26 Sep 2005
occhi rossi
ottimo lavoro!!; questo mi piace molto soprattutto l'incarnato, trasmette veramente troppo carisma;) decisamente il tuo pezzo che preferisco. dara da' :P 10 e lode.
18 Sep 2005 • Vote: 10
Questa è una miniatura che io decisamente adoro, soprattutto se ottimamente eseguita come la tua! Base molto realistica!
3 Sep 2005
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