Empire Jade Wizard(ess!!)

Hello all. This was my entry to this years UK Golden Demon. It managed to make the first cut but didn't place. For a long time I had wanted to make a female mage and thought this would be a good opportunity. The model is based on the Sigmarite Augur from the Mordheim range. I really like the movement in the dress, but unfortunately the head is NASTY so it had to come off! It was replaced with a slightly prettier version from one of the novices in the same range. The staff if from the normal Empire wizards, but extended a bit to make it grander (I love the Gargoyle thingy on the end). The final modification was the scythe, to fit in with the imagery of the Jade school of magic. For the paint job I spent about 5 hours on the green. I must thank Tammy for her Ultramarine paintathon, as I basically followed that, using many more glazes than I usually do. I am really happy with this part of the model as I think it has a really nice depth. The rest of the model was done on Saturday before the event, taking another 10 hours. There are some aspects that I’m not so happy with but I went with the goal of making the cut, so I’m pleased overall! The base was again designed to fit with the Jade college imagery with the waters edge and rushes etc. I hope you all like it and, as always, all feedback and comment is greatly appreciated. Cheers. Dom

Posted: 4 Oct 2004

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This is really nice mini.I love the robe.
17 Oct 2004
The greens are great, very smooth. Love the conversion and the base as well. My only small nitpick is that her lip looks the same color as her skin.
5 Oct 2004 • Vote: 9
First off, excellent job on the metallics. Secondly, the overall look is just perfect. Very cool mini.
4 Oct 2004

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