Daemon Prince of Nurgle

This abomination looks like it's made of pustules and intestines, with vomit squirting out of it. It's a Call of Cthulhu mini, but I use it as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Posted: 13 Dec 2001

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it dont really look like a deamon prince, it looks more like a mupp- erhm spawn or something, a deamon prince normally have wings...and arms and legs ;)
1 Oct 2004 • Vote: 6
It's a "Flying Polyp", the monsters that plagued Oz in Cthulhu Mythos... I never thought of using a Cthulhu mini before... Where's my Nyarlathotep, I need a Chaos Spawn...
28 Oct 2003 • Vote: 6
looks like muppets on acid!
27 Apr 2002 • Vote: 8
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