wood elves spellsinger

My last work commissioned by the gw store of my city. i try a simple smooth painting on the female skin, and my first attemp at gold nmm. hope you like. your wellcome are really appreciate.

Posted: 20 Aug 2005

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doom miniatures
i dont see any great detail on this model, there isn't enough tone in the skin, the nmm is good, but i cant see what warrants a 9/10
17 Aug 2006
Some Muppet
the nnm gold needs some work, the skin is amazingly flat, also the light blue robe could do with some more shading and highlighting. there are some really good bits of tis mini, but just a few areas let it down.
8 Jul 2006
una pulizia del colore fouri dal normale..probabilmente la cantamagie più d'effetto che abbia mai visto..in effetti qualche tocco di classe sul vestito non sarebbe guastato, ma comunque per me è un dieci.
23 Jan 2006
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