Night Goblin Shaman

A classic GW mini designed by Brian Nelson. I painted the model when it was released back in 1997, but returning to the model now in 2010 was great and I really enjoyed painting him. Especially the skin, face, and the moon-shaped knife was great fun to paint. I hope you like him.

Posted: 24 Nov 2010

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Very nice, great, clean paintjob, your style is 100% recognizable. The skulls on the staff look a litrle bit flat, maybe a more dramatic shading would have done them some good. May well be the ebst night goblin shaman model out there. I´ve got this model primed and ready on my shelf, now I want to paint it!
4 Dec 2010
I remember your previous version of this mini from the old Citadel Painting Guide. I think it had the banner top from the old Big 'Uns standard bearer instead of the winged skull on top of his staff. Man, that Night Goblin army was a huge inspiration to me, and your work continues to be just that. This paint job is very "you" in terms of style. Which means it's great :)
29 Nov 2010
Like ofc I like him;P Really like the red Hood, makes the staff and character so combined ;p (can u even say thaat?) Never the less!! well done:)
24 Nov 2010
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