Runic Miniatures: Little Knight

I sculpted this guy in late 2010/early 2011 for my own small line of figures, Runic Miniatures. Little Knight was created as an traveling companion for a sculpt in a similar style, Little Princess. I really enjoyed sculpting this little guy and aimed for simplicity and a fast and fun painting experience in the overall design. The goal was to make a miniature that can be painted within an evening or so. On this paintjob I spent about 2 hours on the actual mini and another half hour or so doing the base. Quick and fun! Oh, he in smiling happily in the initial sketch. I changed this to an angry and business-like face, since I thought he should look like he was fighting some nasty goblins or trolls!

Posted: 3 May 2011

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10 ball
in fact just been on your website and ordered him. :-)
4 May 2011 • Vote: 9
10 ball
Great job, I would buy this mini.
4 May 2011 • Vote: 9
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