Duchess Death - my Crystal Brush Project

I have wanted to do this conversion for about 2 years and the Crystal Brush 2011 Awards was an obvious chance to really dedicate myself to the project. The conversion is based on bits from 2 Femme Militant figures, a GW Wood Elves Steed, plus a classic horse skull from the Skeleton Horde box from around 1990. The rest is Greenstuff, Magic Sculp, and Milliput. The concept art is "mixed media" so to speak. The art is made using a faded black and white photo of a mock-up as the basic. Over this I have corrected legs positioning with paint, added little bits of detail (the chain-belt and the spikes on the leg armour), and painted the colours in obviously. I have documented the complete building process on my website - www.jrn-works.dk - and will also add lots of pictures of the painting process. So go have a look if you want to see how the project did evolved...

Posted: 25 Mar 2011

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AMAZING CONVERSION!!!! I love it..compliments
6 Apr 2011 • Vote: 10
like how close it ended to the concept art, now paint it
3 Apr 2011
Excellent mini. So wish I had one.
2 Apr 2011 • Vote: 10
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