Grumlok and Gazbag

A seriously huge orc! And heavy. And quite limited I have been told. Painted this fella to mix old school 'Eavy Metal style painting with more realistic colours and surfaces. A grand mix of Citadel, Vallejo, Coat d'Arms, Winsor and Newton, and Reaper paints... A few more photo angles on my webpage - I hope you will like him.

Posted: 15 Nov 2011

8.6 /10 (58 Votes) 6.1k Views

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Dain Q Gore
Metallics are not "just washed" here. There are nicks, splotches, patches of rust...Metallics are actually one of the hardest things to get right without looking too washed out or gaudy. I've been painting for twenty years and I still can't get most of what he did here just right...It takes a lot to make something this small look natural; the highlights subtle but not unnoticeable, the contrast evident but not glaring. Browns are also hard to highlight without looking either too saturated (or desaturated) or too warm/cool...
6 Aug 2012 • Vote: 10
@Trucker: I'm wrong just because I have a different opinion about this rating? I like this mini anyway, but as I said before I don't see an 'exeptional' paintjob here
5 Dec 2011 • Vote: 8
@ kacpero I can only say: If you knew what ou were talking about, you would know how wrong your previous comment is.
30 Nov 2011 • Vote: 10
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