Chaos Champion of Nurgle

The paintjob is clearly inspired by the French (especially Cyril's fantastic version of this mini), but I have tried to add my own touch as well. Rehearsing the French style was a fun challenge, but I just had to add both more contrast and some gore using Tamiya Clear red.

Posted: 2 Jan 2006

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Kristian K.
That is the most beautiful nurgle champion that i have ever seen. The base... the perfect leaves... the necklace.. the metallics... and most of all the blade with its perfect blood. Perfect.
27 Aug 2006
I've always loved this figure... and your style of metallics REALLY has me wanting to paint an Iron Warrior marine in that style :D
23 Mar 2006
You continue to astound me Mr. Nielsen! :) ~Bill
19 Mar 2006 • Vote: 10
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