Femme Militant: Varangii

Varangii is one of John Blanche's Femme Militant miniatures (see www.femmemilitant.com). It is a 40 mm resin figure sculpted by Kev White. I converted her slightly. A joy to paint. More pictures on my website...

Posted: 18 Jan 2007

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I love that orange.
21 Jan 2007 • Vote: 9
Ian Newbold
The miniature and the paintjob have great style. Splendid! :-)
20 Jan 2007 • Vote: 9
Following the Xmas Countdown on this one prompted myself and a couple of my friends to buy some Femme Militant pieces to paint ourselves,so thanks for the inspiration! Great conversion,and beautiful painting as is your normal trademark.Ben
19 Jan 2007
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