Lord of Change - Greater Daemon of Tzeentch

Since the GW studio model was painted blue I wanted a yellow Lord of Change! When planning this model back in 1998 I had only seen one painted version before and tried to make mine distinctively different. This was achieved part in the painting and part in the subtle conversion work on the model. Now, the Lord of change actually has a headpiece, but back in 1998 the daemon had only feathers on its head! I based my conversion on a piece of Des Hanley artwork from the Realm of Chaos book (for 5th ed. WFB ) adding the helmet and a decorative armour plate to the daemon's belly. Furthermore, I added the standard top from Archon Hellbrass to the daemon's staff where I also used static grass to represent some kind of daemonic growth. The model won gold in the Fantasy Monster category in Golden Demon UK 1998.

Posted: 3 Aug 2007

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tj 47
When I think about miniature painting this is the model that comes to mind!
14 Aug 2007
Albert Moreto Font
10 points goes without saying... one of the very best classics all trough the history of golden demon worldwide.. the same as with the dark elf or corrupted high elf or whatever it is you entered too that year, they were my inspiration at my very first steps. thank you ive got to say :)
13 Aug 2007
Your lord of change was always my favorite one. I wished that gw could make a head based on your conversion but instead they reedited the mini with even uglier head than before.... White robe isn't as stunning as 9 years ago but still the mini is a fine piece.
11 Aug 2007
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