Runic Miniatures: Ragny Toadbreath

Sculpted in Autum 2007 for my miniature line, Runic Miniatures - I had lots of fun creating this goblin-like witch armed with spell-loaded toads. In regards to the painting I am currently trying to save my use of white for the final highlights only to get some warmer looking colour schemes. I hope you like the mini.

Posted: 12 Dec 2007

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Great miniature Jakob! I like the idea of the magic toads, and the paint job is good as always. I think I have to order this model. I'll send you a mail;)
20 Dec 2007
Tommie Soule
sculp, paint and toad all ace! thanks
14 Dec 2007 • Vote: 10
very cool jakob, love the toad! Daz
13 Dec 2007
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