Nurgle Giant

Converted and painted on request for Games Workshop's Hobby Department back in Spring 2003 and featured in UK White Dwarf #287. I would probably do lots of things differently if I was to create such a beast today, but I still like the bold and simple colours and archetypical appearance. More pictures on my website.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008

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I remember seen you working on the right arm once at Fastaval. Was amazing to see up close and was even cooler to see the result later. Great feel with the giant dragging the ball 'n chain after it.
2 Feb 2011 • Vote: 10
Yes, it also appeared in the Ogre Kingdoms army book. Awesome work on that big guy.
14 Apr 2008 • Vote: 10
I espesially like the way you did the ball ´n chains. a very cool idea, and original too. They make the whole figure a part of the base, filling the entire "sphere" with intrest. Paintworkwise its extremly good. You must get tired of hearing that:)
23 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
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