Empire Gold Wizard

Painted to get into the mood of classic old-school Warhammer imagery. The base was made to look like the setting in John Blanche's ”Knight Panther” painting. I really enjoyed creating this guy... the base in particular. I hope you like him.

Posted: 27 Oct 2008

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I love this mini! Such great composition! The gold and brown-grey-beiges are especially impressive imo. Bravo!
23 Feb 2009
Cheers for the comments! @Marovingean: Base was constructed using milliput, roots, fine flock and some dried leaves/flowers from the garden. Working on a tutorial. :) @Sylent Sentry: The red cape? Too many coats and trys to describe. The cloak was somewhat annoying to do, and I have happily forgotten process...
4 Nov 2008
Sylent Sentry
nice combination of gold and red :) also the red cloak is very nicely made,how did you paint it?
4 Nov 2008
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