Teclis #1

This is my interpretation of the high elf arch mage Teclis. I sculpted almost the complete figure, and painted him using Vallejo and Citadel paints. I brought him to Golden Demon UK 08 where he made it to the finalist cabinet. My goal was to create a less bulky, more refined, and yet simple model. For instance the crown, staff and sword have less complicated designs when you compare with both GW-versions. Inspiration for the project comes mainly from Paul Dainton's artwork and my own drawings, but I also used Jes's old Teclis model from 1993 as well as the HE artwork in "The Gothic and the Eldritch". Sculpt-ID: http://www.coolminiornot.com/208267

Posted: 20 Dec 2008

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One of my fav models of all time. Period
2 Apr 2011
17 Jun 2009
Love this model, I like the much more dynamic pose than the GW versions, and the simplicity of the model makes it even better, as sometimes I feel GW can go overboard with some of the details and make you wonder, how the heck can this guy even cast a spell? ;) Great job!
29 Apr 2009
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