Little Princess

"Little Princess is a highly praised girl with talents into both sorcery and the languages of animals. She is always seen carrying her pet frog - Francois - around protecting him from the dangers of the world. To ward off storks, goblinoid toadblasters (Ragny Toadbreath in particular), and other nasty things our Little Princess wields a powerful magic wand." Sculpted for as an adversary to Ragny Toadbreath. The concepts for this princess has been a handful of sketches that I have drawn with my daughter talking about and sketching classic fairytale characters. She has had many things to say in the process (and many more comments) which has been great fun.

Posted: 15 Oct 2010

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Small Jobs
You are totally gettin' soft after having kids mate ;-) Great quality mini as always though.
26 Oct 2010 • Vote: 10
So different to most stuff I've seen... Plus I really love frogs, so a 10 for you... Great work mate :)
18 Oct 2010
Shawn R. L.
Very nice work. Very nice.
17 Oct 2010
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