Sculpting exercise - High Elf hero

A sculpting exercise I did back in early 2008. I chose to copy this particular model because of it being crisp, highly detailed, and with lots of different textures and surfaces. Changed the weapon to add a little touch of my own but otherwise I tried to copy the original sculpt the best I could. The original GW model is sculpted by Martin Footitt. Fantastic model.

Posted: 3 Nov 2010

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Do you have a webpage of some sort?, would be lovely for me ( and certainly others as well! ) if you had some kind of tutorial on how to sculpt.
21 Mar 2012 • Vote: 9
Spectacular work!
21 Mar 2012 • Vote: 9
Wonderfull!!! very good job!!! i like so much!!! congratulations.
7 Nov 2010
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