Nami Yamigumo

Nami Yamigumo is a character from the anime-series Silent Möbius. I really love this series and its characters. So Nami isn´t my favourite there, but that´s another story ;) Some time ago i found some monochrome postcard artworks with the theme of Kiddys wedding. Really impressive pictures and esspecially Nami caught my eyes. Imagine a girl with a traditional kimono which has a wonderful structure on it. Sakuras growing on a net of hexagrams. I really loved this picture and thought that i´ll have to paint such a miniature. I don´t know if there are modelkits for Silent Möbius, but i haven´t seen one so far. So i decided to sculpt an 1/8 scale kit. This was my first tryout (and maybe my last) in this scale. I thought it wouldn´t be much harder than doing in 28mm scale, but this turned out wrong :D The final sculpt is as near on the artwork as possible and so is the paintjob. The original artwork was monochrome so it wasn´t to easy to find matching colours, which are typical for the character of Nami. I think she turned out really nice for my first attempt in this scale. Hope you´ll like her as much as i do ;) comission work on request visit for further information ;)

Posted: 24 Nov 2002

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The geometric pattern is so regular and even; amazing! And I thought painting a clan tartan would be hard...
27 Jun 2013 • Vote: 9
Oh my god, the freehand is so awesome!
9 Mar 2008
FW Mooz
I want to die.
22 Nov 2003
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