Witchhunter Sera

Now the name explains it all .... at first i wanted to have a female witchhunter with wings, something like an angel. I started about a year before the witchhunter-codex for 40k came out (yes, i´m slow and sadly too busy). Now i´ve finished it and added an extra-book as an exchange for people who don´t like the wings. If everything goes right the mini will be available at www.tabletop-miniatures.de soon. Hope you like it ;)

Posted: 24 Dec 2004

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Careful selling it, goatman. There is such a thing as copyright infringment (especially when the outsider made a better sculpt than the GW sculpt lol)
24 Jan 2006
Please e-mail me with your methods for sculpting with green stuff. How long to let it dry? Individual pieces? I'm a good painter, but I really don't know how to sculpt with this stuff, short of making fur. Nycegyedraws@aol.com
11 Jun 2005
outstanding, as you paint jobs...
15 Jan 2005
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