bretonian archers

those 2 guys were something like a test. I wanted to find a matching coloursheme for my bretonians. I hope to get an army of this quality done, even if it might be a quest for the whole live :D

Posted: 8 Feb 2004

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Your painting of these models is flawless, great bases too. If you do manage to get the rest of your army painted, I'm sure a photo would be very gratfully recieved on here. Although the new Bretonnian archers are not the best to of come out of GW of late. I do feel that it is the choice of heads, and facial expressions that appeals.
9 Feb 2006
really cool! I like very much the color scheme and your realistic paint style... Compliments!!
15 Sep 2005 • Vote: 9
ja klar, bemal du ruhig ne ganze armee so;)... dann kannste immer (!) was davon beim gd einreichen oder beim grand tournament absahnen;)... cu, db04
6 Mar 2004
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