Beruk the beastmaster

here´s my second entry for this years goldendemon. My hunter on Rhinox. I started this one about 5 months ago with sculpting a rhinox for my ogretyrant. Forgeworld had not made the announcement for producing a rhinox, so i thought this would be a cool thing, also for GD .... when i was done for 90% they showed WIPs of their own rhinox ... ouch, i really liked it, but i always thought it missed detail and the riders looked strange. After i was done with the rhinox i started with sculpting the orc ... When done with the orc i used to get back to the rhinox and i really hated the ogre i had done for it. Here you can see a WIP-shot of the thing with an earlier version of it´s rider: So two weeks before Gamesday i decided to rip all greenstuff and all converted parts off the ogre and get a real hunter done. i used the legs and torso for that ... the rest need to be sculpted: it was quite close to get this one done for GD and i had to paint up to the last minute :) That´s why the base is a bit crappy, did it in 20min (except the canon) before traveling to cologne. A bit like the orc i spent more then 280 hours on my hunter, 120 for sculpting and converting and the rest for painting. I´m quite happy with him, still waiting for rules for ogre characters on Rhinoxar. Hope you´ll like the hungry one ;)

Posted: 29 Aug 2005

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Dude! You rule! You are the Da Vinci on GW figures! ;)
18 Jul 2007
I hate you. This mini is too perfect! I cant get over the fact that you sculpted such an incredible rhinox. The painting is flawless, and the pose is so dynamic it makes me want to puke. Grrrr!
24 Jun 2007 • Vote: 10
I was looking for an excuse to give it a 9, and admittedly I am not an expert, but I love the subtlety of the flesh tones on the ogre, love the pose of the rhinox (could not truly identify the problems earlier poster made, possibly due to my own lack of sculpt experience), and just in general had to give it a ten. If I were to complain about anything it would be the lack of color contrast, but I can not make myself detract a point for that because after all, we are talking about an ogre here. What, he was supposed to have some royal blue and purple? Great looking mini in my opinion.
14 May 2007 • Vote: 10
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