Grandinquisitor Laris

supported with some SOB-celestians. I really love the SOB-miniatures, so i was damn happy to get one of the new minis in my hands. I decided to make a small vignette with the new female =I= and 2 older SOB. Hope you´ll like it ;)

Posted: 7 Apr 2004

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Man, why didn´t you enter this on GD? ^^
27 Jul 2006
As before you are and you will remain one of my favorite painters. Amazing work. Cheers
18 Sep 2005
Wow, sheesh. I love SOB. I think out of the whole Warhammer Universe, they must be my fav, and have painted a few myself. I could never even hope to reach the magnitude of your works. Bravo! You seem to have your painting down to perfection.
15 Aug 2005
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