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when GWs khemri -campaign started i thought of a nice character, who could take place there. I thought of a tilean mercenary sended out for glory and the beauty of gold :) I started to write some sentences as a story for him, but i lost fun with that very quick. That´s why i started to sculpt this guy. Thx to studies and a lot of work i had to take a break in the middle of the sculptjob. But 2 weeks ago i discovered the halffinished green in my bitsbox and thought it could be fun to finish him. Really like the way he turned out, especially with his backbanner. Hope you like it ;)

Posted: 5 Oct 2003

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Albert Moreto Font
Want to see it painted
29 Dec 2003
Nothing to say but perfect ;) It matches most of repaer minis....
24 Nov 2003
This is a really nice mini and would be a delight to paint. I've already had a couple of thoughts on the colour scheme & style. Are you going to get him cast up?
7 Oct 2003 • Vote: 9
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