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2004 Canadian Slayer Sword Winner - Magmatrax, Champion of Khorne
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Silphid

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2004 Canadian Slayer Sword Winner - Magmatrax, Champion of Khorne

2004 Canadian Slayer Sword Winner - Magmatrax, Champion of Khorne

I completed a Tutorial for the making of Magmatrax, available here: ***link updated!***

Et pour les francophones Denis Bouvet de Créafig a eu la ténacité de tout traduire! Merci Denis!

Well, what and adventure! I set myself out on a crazy goal of earning a Golden Demon, within my first year of painting Minis (It's been 11 months now). Not only did I score Gold, I took home the Slayer Sword!

Conversion took about 45 hours, and the total project took about 400 hours. Most of the time was actually spent learning how to paint the various aspects of this model, such as horns and bones, the magma scales effect, source lighting and most importantly, NMM gold. I'm quite proud of that, this being my first attempt at NMM gold. It's not that impossibly hard guys! Just get the right colors and study tons and tons of very well painted NMM, I found my references here on CMON.

My wish is that this will serve as a source of inspiration to everyone, to demystify the whole Golden Demon elite painting. With a little bit of talent and a LOT of hard work and dedication, a lot can be achieved. Just undertake a project that's way higher than your current skill. That's the best way to learn and improve!

Don't hesitate to ask questions to your favorite artists! I made it because a lot of nice people answered my questions. Thanks to all!

Vincent Hudon

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Viewer comments:
#466341 Rating: 9 5 Jul 2019
That's amazing. You've earned so much skill in a small amount of time !!
#428914 Rating: 6 24 Oct 2014
Still inspired by your skill.
#427465 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2014
This is amazing work, and the story of it's creation continues to inspire my own learning and progression. So Bravo all 'round!
#401978 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2013
I take my hat off to you. that axe truly looks as if it is about to melt.
#393168 Rating: 9 23 Mar 2013
cute Khorne
#390571 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2013
You can perhaps feel heat standing close to it - great paint up.
#387328 Rating: 10 10 Jan 2013
just wow
#374366 Rating: 6 28 Jul 2012
#373514 Rating: 10 13 Jul 2012
#370727 Rating: 10 31 May 2012
i need to relocate my jaw, give me a second.






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