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Hellblade - Baltimore GD 2005 GOLD 40k Vehicule
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Silphid

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Hellblade - Baltimore GD 2005 GOLD 40k Vehicule

Hellblade - Baltimore GD 2005 GOLD 40k Vehicule

Using a test model for practice ( I ended up with this. I am most proud of my new take on Gold NMM and Steel NMM with which I had been struggling in the past. I'm very proud of my achievement here, 6 more months of experience have payed off!

This model neck to neck in the race for the Slayer Sword, but in the end the limited freehand on the Dreadnought gave the upper hand to Scott's unbelievable terminators shown here :

Again the fruit of hard work and relentless color transition improvements. This one took me 200 hours. Hey, I'm improving my speed!

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Vincent Hudon

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Viewer comments:
#466363 Rating: 9 5 Jul 2019
Gorgeouse, only thing I'm missing is some weathering or battle damages
#457720 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2017
This was the first Miniature that absolutely blew my mind, and it still does.
#453128 Rating: 10 3 Nov 2016
This is sick! Love the dynamic pose and the blends are as smooth as silk!
#419968 Rating: 9 20 May 2014
Muy limpio!! esta genial
#403704 Rating: 9 8 Sep 2013
#390573 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2013
Very dynamic!.
#383036 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2012
woooow - very nice job! the blades are amazing!
#376090 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2012
Looks so much better than other World Eaters I've seen.
#375042 Rating: 9 6 Aug 2012
The only think I could think of to add, in terms of opinion to this fig, is that the depicted lighting might be a little bright for the suggested grungy and dusty magma-rock stuff below. Still, I couldn't do this, so...this is much awesomeness.
#369171 Rating: 6 7 May 2012
Your "Hellblade" is just amazing. My first reaction "This painter is human ?" because you've got an amazing talent !






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