UK Golden demon entry- Dragon Battle

This was my entry for this year's Golden Demon competition in the UK- my first ever entry. It was perhaps a bit ambitious for a first attempt and took me months to put together. Unfortunately it didn't make the first cut, depite the many admirers of it when I went to collect it. Reviews/comments welcome! Kat

Posted: 28 Oct 2002

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Massive!, looks like its real gold in there! is it?!, from this veiw i say its über good, but a closeup whould be fine :) nice going here girl!
14 Jan 2006
darkrealm miniatures
nice work lots of stuff going on there. Did you take any other photos from different angles?
5 Aug 2004
This was at my local store (GW Norwich) are you a local then, you are right it does look better in real life
25 Nov 2002
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