Lykai the Freed - Howling Pack wolfen

This is Lykai the Freed, my entry to the GT XVIII. He's basically painted in a similar way to the card photo, although I have replaced the purplish skintones with a tan/grey on his feet, snout and under arms. As with all my wolfen, he is done in my patent fluffy look (unfortunately the pic is a bit dark in places and you can't see the fur effect on his thigh). The fur started off black, then scorched brown was used as the base, this was highlighted with beastial brown, then snakebite leather. More golden tones were used in his tail and hair. I tried to keep the colours very natural looking with the turquoise stone and NMM gold providing a nice accent. I went with a weathered look to his armour, to stay in keeping with the overall look of ragged clothes. I added a bit of bright green into the gold NMM mix on the gun, I think that worked quite well. The freehand on the gun is something I am particularly proud of. I used a combination of graveyard earth, highlighted with bleached bone then successive amounts of white on his shirt. It almost looks like it's a bit seethrough. This was really a happy accident. I kept the wood on the gun quite dark as I wanted the look of mahogany. The base is made from a piece of insulation styrene, carved into the rock shapes. I painted the rocks to look stripey like that because I wanted the look of Schist which is a really nicely striated metamorphic rock. The stones were then stippled with greens and oranges to make them look like they are covered in moss. I then added the snow. I mounted Lykai so that he looks like he's pointing the gun in a more horizontal way. The original sculpt makes him look like he's just holding it, not like he's about to aim, so I felt this pose was better. A note about photograpy. I've been trying out the manual settings on my camera and have found that ISO 100 and an EP setting of 1.3 (Exposure setting - I'm guessing this is the Sony digital version of shutter speed) really helped to give a better result. I use a Sony cybershot DSC-P50.

Posted: 24 Dec 2003

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Overall, it's nice, however, there are a few things that could be easily improved. First of all, is dilution of your paints, take it even further, and you'll get rid of the shiny effect we can see on the pics (unless you varnished the miniature). But, the major problem, that you'll more easily solve though greater dilution, is that miniature lacks contrast. I see almost no highlites on the white robe, while there is room for plenty more shades. Same for the NMM, lacks shades... same for the hair. Well, I guess that's what's to be improved to take your miniatures a step further. But it remains a very nice job :).
30 May 2006 • Vote: 7
The hair color is too similar to the nmm gold colors on this mini. Makes the model look garrish. I would lighten the hair or something. Nice smooth job though and a nice base.
22 Mar 2004

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