Solitary wolfen 1

This is a new photo of the solitary wolfen 1, he forms part of a diorama but in this picture he is on a temporary base for ease of photographing. In comparison to the previous picture, I have not artificially enhanced the focus on this one. This way there is less grainyness but it is slightly less focused than the first picture. I have also tried to adjust the levels a little to show the green and the red closer to their true colours. The left hand is slightly over exposed, which means that some of the shading is lost. I think this new picture better shows the shading on his head (one comment I got said that the whole head area looked grainy- which was due to the enhnced focus). Also there is no shadow in the background to distract the viewer. The wooden staff is supposed to be shiny to give the apprearance of polished wood. Unfortunately the picture is now slightly darker than the previous one which mens you can't see the pouches as well as the other picture. I'd be interested to know how this picture compares to the previous one. Regards Kat

Posted: 22 Nov 2003

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hmm... hard to say, but i think the first one looks better even if the head is a bit glossy, because you can see the details more clearly. Btw: Great paintjob!
19 Dec 2003

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