Saphyr Wolfen Lonewolf- Howling pack wolfen

Hi, This is Saphyr the Lonewolf of the Howling Pack. I was rather disappointed as this mini was badly cast. In particular the orfrai (the winged cat) has a badly cast face. Anyway, I was in Norwich City and I saw this gorgeous husky-like dog which was very orange coloured on it's back and a light tan colour underneath. It had one blue eye and one green eye. I thought I would have to paint a wolfen like that. So here he is! The orange fur went well with the orange of the Orfrai, I thought. Anyway I started with white as a basecoat, then built up the orange tones using beastial brown and snakebite leather then I built up the lighter fur underneath using graveyard earth, bleached bone and then white. Having given him some fur, I then went for a weathered look to the fabric, again building this up in very thin layers using a mix of imperial purple, graveyard earth and terracotta. I then used a slightly thicker mix of these colours to build up a crosshatching pattern to create the weave of the fabric. The blades are supposed to be covered in ice (that is a spell he has). So what I did was stipple on various shades of blues and greens onto a white basecoat. The paint is quite thin. I then lightly brushed over the still-damp paint to blend the colours together and create a smooth look to the overall coverage. Once I had got the desired effect, I then painted on some freehand glyphs on both swords. I outlined these so that they look like they are engraved in the blades. I was in a bit of a quandry as to what colour to paint the rest of the clothes and glove, I originally painted them in a sort of camoflaged green colour. But that didn't seem to work, so I repainted them in the cold blue colours used on the blades. I think this works well as a contrast to the warm orange tones and really brought the whole piece together. The stone on his back is painted grey (though you can't see it in the picture!). I created a glacial outcropping fo him to stand on and painted this in the same blue/green tones. I then covered this in woodland scenics water effects and snow, to give it a really icey look. I also used some water effects on his blades to give them the look of being covered in ice. Compared to my other wolfen, he really stands out in my cabinet. Let me know what you think! Regards Kat

Posted: 24 Dec 2003

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You fooled me with the glyphs! :) I love the ice base. Gonna try my own soon with a Malifaux figure.
6 Mar 2014 • Vote: 9
Perfect Color Scheme. Great Work!
5 Feb 2006
Great base. He looks like he is waiting for the Titanic ( or a rain of whisky).
15 Apr 2005
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